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Tort Lilik

Tort Lilik


put eggs, sugar, vanilla and water in a larger bowl and beat with the mixer for about 15-20 minutes until well puffed, then add sifted flour and mix with a wooden spoon from top to bottom so it does not deflate . Grease with butter and line a tray with flour and put the obtained composition, put it in the preheated oven at 180 ° for 25-30 minutes.


beat the yolks with the sugar until they become like a cream, then add the sifted flour, stirring constantly. when the composition becomes homogeneous, slowly pour in the milk and mix, then add the vanilla. put the composition in a pot and put on low heat. let it boil for at least 2 minutes, stirring constantly so as not to make lumps. when the cream has cooled, add the crushed berries a little before, mix them, then add the whipped cream.

we make a syrup from 250-300 ml of water, 100 gr of sugar and 1 glass of martini. we leave it on the fire until the sugar melts.

cut the top and moisten it with the syrup obtained, put on a piece of cream, spread it evenly and cover with the other piece that we will moisten. we put the whipped cream on top and spread it on the whole surface of the cake, then everyone decorates as they like.

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