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Love Real Food in Your Kitchens!

Love Real Food in Your Kitchens!

I can’t believe it! It’s been a little over two months since my cookbook baby started landing on your doorsteps. After toiling away on the book for over two years and double-triple-quadruple-octuple-checking every recipe for every tiny detail, I’m completely thrilled and blown away by your enthusiasm for the book. Thank you!

Today, I wanted to share some of the amazing Instagram photos that you have shared with me using the #LoveRealFood hashtag. Please keep them coming! Sometimes, I can’t tell if I love the photo or the caption more. To those who have shared pictures of the book with your pets—you get me. I couldn’t resist sharing those pics in the list below.

Are you enjoying Love Real Food at home? Here are a few ways that you can spread the love:

  • Tell your friends and family about it! In person or online. Or better yet, make them a recipe from the book and tell them where you got it.
  • Give the book as a gift! It’s very reasonably priced on Amazon right now. Give it to veggie lovers (or to someone who should maybe eat more vegetables), dog lovers, and to new and experienced home cooks. Everyone, basically.
  • Look for the book in your local bookstores—if it’s not there, ask them to start carrying it! If it is there, move a few copies to a more prominent location. (I’ve done that, no shame.)
  • Could you spare a few minutes to write a review with your experience of the book? Those reviews go a long way in the long-term success of the book, and I am so grateful for your kind words. I read every one! Here’s a list of online retailers where you can review the book: Amazon, Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, BAM!, and Indigo.

Click through to see what everyone’s been cooking from Love Real Food!

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Get your copy! ♥

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