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Best Garbanzo Recipes

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Blakely Trettenero, host of the Cooking for Bimbos and Hungry for Travels websites, is a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orland. She also is a world traveler, having visited more than 30 countries, and is becoming a frequent guest on TV.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to homemade hummus. This chickpea-based spread is simple to make and can easily be customized to fit your taste or the ingredients you have on hand. Once you have the basic method down, substitute your favorite beans, spices, and flavorings. Try this hummus recipe drizzled with olive oil, topped with wedges of hard-boiled egg, and sprinkled with a pinch of smoked paprika.Click here for more of our best dip recipes.

Mira Walilko won the Bake-off for a hearty beef casserole made with chickpeas and biscuits.This recipe was the grand prize winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest in 1963.Recipe courtesy of Pillsbury.Every other winning recipe from the Pillsbury Bake-Off.

This salad is a super-satisfying mix of fresh veggies, quinoa, garbanzo beans and sunflower seeds. It's great for a light dinner or hearty lunch.Recipe courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

The fun thing about this salad is that everyone can create their own version of the dish. If you’re serving this salad at a party or potluck, have each of your friends bring one of the necessary items then, when everyone arrives, have fun building your salads.Recipe courtesy of Lisa Gorman, Director of St. Joseph Health Wellness CenterClick here for more of our best salad recipes.

Grilling and barbecuing don't have to be all about burgers, steaks, and hot dogs; vegetarian burgers are easy to make and easily customizable. Vegetarian burgers can be made using virtually any mix of beans and vegetables; whatever you have on hand will work. This recipe uses chickpeas, onions, and cumin; after the patties are grilled they're super smoky and flavorful.Click here for more of our best vegetarian burger recipes.

If you're a cinnamon roll fan who is looking for a gluten-free pie option, then this is the pie for you. I like that it's very simple to make, and still delicious.This recipe is courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie.

45 Chickpea Flour Recipes That Will Amaze You

Chickpea flour (also known as garbanzo bean flour or Bengal gram flour) is an amazing ingredient that can transform your recipes! Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, allergic to eggs, or simply like new and exciting foods, this is one ingredient that you need to start using in your cooking and baking!

27 Creative Ways to Use Chickpeas (That Aren’t Hummus)

Chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans, ceci, and bengal gram) are loved around the globe. Canned or dried, they’ve got a prime spot in our pantry. These nutritional overachievers are chock-full of fiber and protein.

One 1/2-cup serving of canned or cooked dried chickpeas gives you about 14 percent of your daily value of fiber, 6 grams of plant-based protein, 10 percent of your daily value of iron, and some calcium and potassium.

Research shows that eating chickpeas can help with weight management, regulate glucose and insulin, and prevent heart disease. So sign us up for the chickpea party. Wallace TC, et al. (2016). The nutritional value and health benefits of chickpeas and hummus. DOI: 10.3390/nu8120766

When picking out a can of chickpeas, read the labels and choose low sodium. Or boil up a big batch of dried ones and store half in the freezer. It’s easy to cook them on a stovetop or in a slow-cooker or pressure cooker.

And now, on to the recipes. Don’t get us wrong — we love hummus. But there’s so much more to the chickpea than being unceremoniously puréed into yet another bowl of a creamy dip.

We’ve rounded up recipes that roast, simmer, and bake them into curries, salads, appetizers, entrées, and — get this — desserts. Sneaky! Here are 27 recipes that prove chickpeas deserve so, so much more.

1. Chana masala

It’s fun to make curry with a friend, right? Measure out spices and chop onion, garlic, and chile as you chat away. Lay out all your ingredients and stop and take a few Insta shots.

Plus, the process of Indian cooking — the stages of adding seeds, aromatics, spices, tomatoes — will fill your house with irresistible aromas. The richly seasoned sauce and chickpeas call out for basmati rice.

2. Thai chickpea almond curry

We don’t know if our favorite part of this curry is the fact that it’s packed with veggies and is super healthy or that it’s all made in one pot for easy cleanup.

It’s also super versatile: Don’t have eggplant? Use zucchini instead. No bamboo shoots? Go for protein-packed green peas.

3. Chana saag

This classic Indian dish pairs spinach with chickpeas and a whole bunch of wonderful spices, herbs, and aromatics. There’s also a recipe for a homemade version of the spice blend garam masala.

4. Spicy roasted chickpeas

Get outta here, potato chips — we’ve got a new favorite crunchy snack. Roasted chickpeas turn a glorious golden brown in a hot oven. These guys are seasoned with a spicy combo of chili powder, paprika, and cayenne.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch roasted chickpeas

We covered savory roasted chickpeas above, but if you’re looking to satisfy a sweet craving, this lightly sweetened, cinnamon-dusted substitute for popcorn (or cereal) can’t be beat.

Tahini helps coat the chickpeas with seasonings. They’re filling and lick-your-fingers good.

6. Crispy, crunchy roasted radish and chickpea tacos

No need to resort to processed meat substitutes to make meatless tacos — give chickpeas a chance! The chickpeas for these tacos are lightly seasoned and roasted.

Fill crispy taco shells with sweet, juicy roasted radishes avocado and a zesty yogurt sauce. Who wants to eat the same old tacos?

7. Chopped chickpea Greek salad

Greek salad gets an update with this no-cook recipe — garbanzos join salty feta, crunchy cucumbers, tomato, and lemony dressing. Eat it on its own or serve it over greens.

8. Confetti quinoa and chickpea lettuce wraps

This festive vegan party on a plate combines soft, fluffy quinoa with chickpeas and a confetti of veggies. A little Dijon mustard adds just the right amount of flair to the dressing.

9. Roasted garlic and tomato soup

You’d never believe that a soup so silky is vegan — but that’s the magic of garbanzos. In this decked-out version of the quintessential cool-weather dish, the beans provide the velvety texture usually created by heavy cream.

10. Minty yogurt parfaits

Who could say no to a dish with “parfait” in the name? Here, chickpeas are layered with walnuts, Greek yogurt, cucumbers, raisins, and mint for a sweet and savory explosion of flavors.

Even better, it travels. Lunch at your desk is looking good.

11. Deconstructed falafel salad

One of the most popular chickpea dishes out there is crispy falafel, but really, who’s got a deep fryer in their kitchen? Avoid the hassle with this deconstructed salad.

With roasted chickpeas providing crunch and veggies tossed with tahini dressing, this salad might even be better than the original dish. Falafel purists may call it bending the rules. We call it genius.

12. Broccolini and chickpea zucchini pasta with gremolata breadcrumbs

Lemony zoodles topped with herbed breadcrumbs sounds like a total dream, we know.

Add broccolini, chickpeas, and a grating of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and you’ve got a filling, healthy dinner that’s made almost entirely from vegetables.

13. Risotto with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and chickpeas

Searching for a way to catapult the humble chickpea into gourmet territory? Look no further than this luxurious but simple risotto.

Mushrooms, caramelized onions, and wine combine with Arborio rice in a pot of goodness. Chickpeas are the final addition. All it takes is a bit of stirring.

14. Lemony egg in a spinach and chickpea nest

If chickpeas have never struck you as breakfast food, this recipe will be a game-changer.

Soft-cooking an egg in a nest of sautéed chickpeas and spinach starts your day with two servings of veggies before you’ve walked out the front door. A dash of lemon brightens the morning.

15. Shiitake green garbanzo patties

We’re big fans of any recipe that lets a blender do the work. Plus, these vegan patties use fresh green garbanzos for a gorgeous hue. Even better, the vegan aioli, made from silken tofu, is blender-ized too.

16. Vegan spanakopita

Phyllo can be challenging to work with, but don’t let that keep you from trying this showstopping Greek pie.

It looks more complicated than it is, we promise — and even if it were hard to make, the garlicky, creamy veggie-and-chickpea filling would be so, so worth it.

17. Chocolate chickpea truffles

These bon bons are the bomb-bomb! A chickpea and cashew butter base is sweetened with maple syrup, dunked in dark chocolate, and topped with cacao nibs.

We think these treats could give Godiva a little competition — don’t you?

18. Chickpea protein bars

Store-bought protein bars often contain sweeteners and preservatives. These homemade bars are packed with the goodness of chickpeas, dates, nut butter, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries, boosted with vegan protein powder.

It’s ridiculously easy to throw the ingredients in a food processor and press them into a pan. And it makes 10 servings. Hello, grab-and-go breakfast and 3 p.m. snack!

19. Pumpkin pie dessert bars

There’s always room for one more in our ever-expanding list of pumpkin-based treats. Here, a spiced purée of pumpkin, chickpeas, and dates is speckled with chocolate chunks.

It doesn’t matter if Thanksgiving is around the corner or months away — these pie-inspired goodies are irresistible year-round.

20. Peanut butter and jelly cookie bars

So far, we’ve seen peanut butter play a supporting role in these recipes as a binding agent or texture booster. But in this baked take on the classic sandwich, peanuts co-star with chickpeas.

Plus, you can get all artistic, swirling the homemade strawberry chia seed jam over surface of the batter. These bars smell sooooo good while they’re baking.

21. Flourless chickpea blondies with sea salt

Blondies are often brushed off as the less desirable sibling of brownies, but maybe that’s because nobody’s tried this gluten-free version.

The joint efforts of chickpeas, maple syrup, and nut butter give each square a pleasant chewiness and sweetness that’s offset by a sprinkle of sea salt.

Looks like brownies will have to share the spotlight — these blondies are ready for their close-up.

22. Chickpea and orange cake

This beautiful loaf cake calls for a mere seven ingredients, letting the subtle nuttiness of the garbanzos and the zest from the fresh orange shine through.

You’ll have to spend a few extra minutes skinning the chickpeas, but it’s well worth it for the end result: a gleaming caramel-colored loaf.

Dust with cinnamon sugar and serve with a piping hot cuppa for a lovely and light teatime snack.

23. Peanut butter chocolate chip chickpea cookies

Sure, cookie dough is great, but nothing beats a warm cookie fresh from the oven. And these bronzed, slightly crispy (but still soft!) nuggets are no exception.

Follow the recipe as written, using peanut butter and chocolate chips, or experiment by subbing peanut butter chips or another nut butter for a slightly different flavor.

Whatever you try, you’re just throwing ingredients into a blender (or food processor), so you’re always close to cookie time.

24. Dark chocolate chickpea brownies

One look at this fudgy goodness and you’ll want to race off to your pantry to gather the ingredients.

Before we lose you to the kitchen, let us make these gluten-free treats even more enjoyable by telling you they can also be vegan without requiring obscure, funky ingredients. OK — on your mark, get set, bake!

25. Healthy cookie dough dip

OK, so maybe this is just another way to say “dessert hummus,” but what’s in a name when you’re talking about one of the most famous chickpea-based sweets in the blogosphere?

Made with your favorite all-natural nut butter and studded with dark chocolate chips, it’s a vegan bowl of yum just waiting to be slathered onto a graham cracker or sliced apple.

26. Vegan, gluten-free chickpea thumbprint cookies

These cookies have similar ingredients to many other chickpea cookies, but it’s amazing how much more adorable they look when they’re dressed up with dollops of your favorite all-fruit jam.

The recipe makes only 12 at a time, so these party-worthy treats are perfect for when you’re baking for a small group.

27. Cookie dough ice pops

This time, chickpeas are getting a treatment that may be a little counterintuitive: They’re frozen instead of baked.

The base is made with peanut butter and coconut milk. Flaxseeds bind the mixture without eggs. Then you chill them until they’re frozen into those perfectly creamy pops. Great for vegans!

It’s time to venture beyond the hummus bowl. Chickpeas, a great source of protein and fiber, are essential for plant-based eating. Enjoy these beans with benefits in soups, salads, curries, and more.

The Best Chickpea Recipes Besides Hummus

Other Super Staples How to Stock Your Kitchen Pantry Creamy garbanzo beans can carry you from a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast tangy with tahini sauce to propping up a flaky halibut fillet peppered with piquant capers at dinner to a pile of moist, rich, fudgy brownies for dessert. One of our favorite lovely legumes (for obvious reasons), chickpeas are usually pulverized into a smooth puree, losing all of their original shape and texture for hummus. While hummus became so popular for a reason—it’s a healthy, delicious, filling dip—that method is tired. Overplayed. Let’s give the garbanzo bean a new role. Hell, let’s give it all sorts of roles. It’s a multi-dimensional character (so much so that we have an entire chickpea snack round-up).

Besides its flexibility and phenomenal taste, the chickpea is chock-full of fiber and protein, like any good legume, but also so many more nutrients. Expect iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, vitamin K, selenium, folate, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B-6, according to Medical News Today.

So get your fill of chickpeas in cooler ways than ho-hum hummus, and be sure you always have a couple cans of chickpeas in the pantry.

1. Indian Chickpea Curry with Spinach

I can attest from experience, this is a budget-friendly, quick, easy weeknight dinner that’s full of flavor, satiating protein, and beautiful colors. And if you keep frozen spinach on hand, it can be a 100 percent pure pantry dinner. Get our Indian Chickpea Curry with Spinach recipe. Or try our greens-free Chole (Chana) Masala recipe, which you can see at the top of this page.

2. Vegan Chickpea Scramble

Chickpeas can stand in for eggs at breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner), as this veggie-packed scramble proves. Pureeing a portion of the chickpeas is key to the texture. Get the Vegan Chickpea Scramble recipe. For a similar twist on egg salad, try a Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich—and in either case, if you miss that egg flavor, add a dash of Indian black salt.

3. Dill, Chickpea, and Feta Pasta Salad

This is the pasta salad to bring to barbecues and picnics this summer. The fresh herbs sing with the salty crumbles of feta, and the garbanzo beans bring an added heft and creaminess. Get our Dill, Chickpea, and Feta Pasta Salad recipe.

4. Oven Roasted Chickpeas

These easy, crispy, spicy chickpeas are perfect to add to a salad or grain bowl, sprinkle on top of soup, or just to eat as a snack. You can tweak the seasoning however you like try za’ataar, Cajun seasoning, or Chinese five spice, or make your very own blend. Get our Oven Roasted Chickpeas recipe. (And if you have fresh sage, try our Fried Chickpeas with Sage recipe too.)

5. Roasted Tomato, Chickpea, and Swiss Chard Soup

This naturally creamy (dairy-free) soup is a little spicy and a lot tomato-y, and it’s another dish made almost entirely of pantry staples. If you don’t have fresh chard or any other leafy greens, you can swap in frozen kale or spinach. The poached egg is a totally optional topper, but it really ups the comfort factor. Get our Roasted Tomato, Chickpea, and Swiss Chard Soup recipe.

6. Steamed Fish with Chickpeas and Currants

This is a much more exciting way to handle your flaky, steamed white fish (haddock, cod, grouper, Pacific halibut) that can be somewhat mild otherwise. But with all these flavors—from cinnamon and fennel to clam juice and currants—there is nothing boring here. Get our Steamed Fish with Chickpeas and Currants recipe.

I Spent A Week Eating Canned Chickpeas

And I'm here to tell you, today is the day to make chickpea funnel cake.

Ah, yes, the humble canned chickpea. About a dollar a pop and readily available in most local grocery stores, I always keep a couple on hand in my pantry, just in case a sudden desire to make a quick salad or some smooth hummus strikes.

The chickpea is in my top three favorite legumes: second only to peanuts, ahead of lentils because of the superior creaminess they possess. This love led me to thinking: Are we underutilizing the chickpea? I spent the next week brainstorming how to put canned chickpeas into everything from savory pizza to sweet funnel cake&mdashand surprised myself with some true winners. Here are my favorites from the week!

General Tso&rsquos Chickpeas

This recipe was so well-received by viewers that I made a stand-alone recipe page for it! Click the link above to access the whole recipe. People seem to love that it's vegan and pretty much just as delicious as the OG chicken version.

Best chickpea recipes


Hake with smoky paprika chickpeas

Chickpeas are cooked with onion, garlic, chilli, preserved lemon and paprika here to create a saucy, flavour-packed accompaniment to simply grilled hake. A low-calorie and protein-packed meal.

Chickpea fritters with yogurt, green chilli and cucumber salad

Turn your chickpeas into these lightly-spiced fritters and serve with a zesty cucumber salad for a quick, low-calorie lunch.

Saag chana masala

Asma Khan’s classic Indian curry of chickpeas and spinach makes the perfect veggie side dish to any Indian feast.

Miso chickpeas and avocado on toast

Turn a storecupboard staple into a twist on this popular brunch dish, livened up with sesame seeds and spring onions.

Radga pattice

Each mouthful of these ginger and chilli potato patties is a flavour bomb. They can easily be made ahead and heated up for a spicy treat that packs plenty of flavour.

Chickpea, pepper and bulgar wheat salad

Make our vibrant veggie salad with chickpeas for a nutritious midweek meal ready in less than half an hour.

Coronation chickpea and apple salad

Make this classic lunch favourite vegetarian by replacing the chicken with chickpeas. Refreshing, crunchy and full of flavour, this easy salad recipe is ready in just 20 minutes.

Spicy chickpea, potato and filo slice

Put chickpeas at the centre in this vegetarian pie. Our spiced chickpea bake with potatoes is topped with thin crunchy filo pastry. This easy recipe is veggie friendly, ready in under an hour and serves four. Our filo slice is best eaten on the day, while the pastry is still crisp.

Pork chops with sweet and sour chickpeas

For a quick and delicious midweek dinner, check out this recipe for succulent pork chops. The marinated chickpeas offer a real mix of sweet and sour flavours and it only takes 20 minutes to make. Easy!

One-pot paprika cod with chickpeas

Check out our punchy paprika cod one-pot with juicy tomatoes and a chickpea base. This simple tray bake is an easy, low calorie midweek meal for when you're short on time but still want something healthy.

Spiced chickpea salad with halloumi and lentils

Check out our warm salad recipe with spicy lentils, golden halloumi and chickpeas. This simple veggie salad is low in calories and on the table in 40 minutes.

Moroccan veggie soup with chickpeas

Check out our easy Moroccan vegan soup recipe with lemons, chickpeas and plenty of spice. This low calorie soup serves four and ready in under an hour.

Chickpeas with dates, turmeric, cinnamon and almonds

Check out our easy chickpea stew packed with dates, crunchy almonds and vibrant turmeric. Slow cooking chickpeas with a heady selection of spices really ramps up the flavour in this frugal dish. Try to get hold of the extra large, chubby chickpeas in jars for superior texture.

Spiced mackerel fillets with shallot and lemon chickpeas

This recipe for spiced mackerel fillets with shallot and lemon chickpeas is quick and easy to make and under 500 calories

Chickpea and squash coconut curry

This chickpea and squash coconut curry is a great healthy, vegetarian midweek meal. If you can get it, Alpro coconut milk alternative has less saturated fat and fewer calories than regular coconut milk as it's made with a rice milk base. Try our other vegetarian curry recipes here

Quick roast chicken with chickpeas

This is the perfect midweek supper – just tip the chicken breasts, cherry tomatoes and chickpeas into a tray and roast with tarragon. Dinner just doesn’t get easier than that!

Smashed chickpea and feta salad

This smashed chickpea and feta salad makes a hearty, no-cook supper for two in just 15 minutes. It makes a great lunch box, too. Smashing the chickpeas helps them to soak up some of the dressing

10-minute Moroccan prawn rice bowl

This recipe for 10-minute Moroccan prawn rice bowl delivers big flavours in no time AND it's under 500 calories, making it perfect for a mid-week meal.

Posh hummus

This poshed-up hummus with tomatoes and spring onion tastes so much better than shop-bought. Eat as a dip or in falafel wraps - it will be your new favourite.

Roast carrots with crisp chickpeas and tahini

We love roasted chickpeas, and these easy ones, served with roasted carrots and tahini sauce are the best. Any leftovers make a great packed lunch.

Steak and chickpea salad with harissa yoghurt dressing

Ready in just 15 minutes, this steak and chickpea salad with harissa yoghurt dressing is low in fat and GI. A speedy, healthy salad to get you through the week.

Chickpea, red pepper and spinach curry

This vegetarian chickpea, red pepper and spinach curry is flavoured with ginger, chilli, garam masala, cumin and turmeric and makes a wonderful quick after work meal, ready in less than 30 minutes and served with Indian naan or chapatis.

Falafel mezze bowl

This quick and easy falafel mezze bowl makes a great vegetarian midweek meal, packed with nutritious ingredients including homemade hummus made from chickpeas.

Fiery chickpea and harissa soup

A fast-to-make and easy spicy soup made with chickpeas. This vegetarian recipe, gets its heat from harissa, the hot chilli pepper paste from Morocco. Ready quickly in 20 minutes.

Warm chickpea and cumin wraps with yoghurt dip

Spiced chickpeas are topped with coriander yogurt and wrapped in a warm tortilla. This guilt-free recipe is packed with veg and is seriously simple to put together.

Spiced vegetable couscous

Couscous makes a great base for a quick and easy vegetarian main course for two. Just add peppers, carrots and chickpeas for an easy afterwork supper. Any leftovers can be taken to work for lunch the next day.

Broccoli and coconut soup with fried chickpeas

This broccoli and coconut soup with fried chickpeas is a modern way to enjoy broccoli soup. With creamy coconut, a kick of chilli and crunchy chickpeas, this will become your new favourite. Ready in under an hour, it makes enough to serve the whole family.

Crispy chickpea and kale caesar salad

This crispy chickpea and kale caesar salad is a great healthy twist on a classic. You can also eat the crispy chickpeas as a snack.

Indian salmon with chickpea stew

This recipe for Indian salmon with chickpea stew is a great simple supper for when there's just two of you. Most of the ingredients you'll already have in your cupboard

Persian lamb stew

This Persian lamb stew one-pot recipe is really easy and under 500 calories - perfect midweek comfort food

Big bowl chickpea salad

This vegetarian big bowl chickpea salad is super quick and easy to make - perfect for lunch or a speedy supper. Try our comforting bowl food recipes.

Roast carrot, cumin and chickpea salad

Roast carrots and serve with chickpeas for a quick salad or an easy midweek meal. Cumin adds a subtle spice and feta crumbled over the top is all it needs. Serve with crusty bread on the side if you like.

Moroccan veg and chickpea tagine

This recipe for Moroccan veg and chickpea tagine is vegan, low-fat and really easy to make. It makes enough for four, but the leftovers freeze well.

Chickpea and cauliflower curry

Get that tin of chickpeas involved in this protein-rich vegan curry alongside lots of warming spices and creamy coconut milk. A nutritious midweek meal.


Heat the ghee in a large sauce pot. Add cumin seeds when they sputter, add chopped onions and caramelize.

When onions are caramelize, add the ginger-garlic paste and sauté until the raw flavor disappears.

Add tomatoes, tomato puree, salt, turmeric, cumin, coriander, chili powder and garam masala, and sauté for a few minutes.

Add the garbanzo beans and sauté and coat with the onion-tomato mix.

Pour enough water to cover the garbanzos and cook until it has a stew-like consistency.

Serve over rice and garnish with cilantro and a wedge of lime on the side.

Chickpea Stew

Inspired by a pair of delicious tomato and spinach-based chickpea stews I had in Sevilla, Spain, this chickpea stew is humble, hearty, and lovely in its simplicity. It's perfect when paired with a grain of your choice&mdashI love it with cooked rice or millet&mdashor a piece of nice, crusty bread. The combination of onion, garlic, and tomatoes (in two forms) is matched by the mildly spiced intensities of cumin, coriander, and most importantly, quality smoked paprika.

The anchovy is optional, but there's no good reason to skip it: the flavor that comes from one tiny small fish adds so much more than just the stereotypical brininess. The sugar serves a similar purpose by balancing out the acidity of the tomatoes and bringing out their natural sweetness even more. And the spinach? It cooks down in no time, turning into a creamy textural fascination&mdasha very pleasing addition, especially if you're looking top up your Popeye-strength for the day.

If you've made this recipe, leave us a comment down below to let us know how you liked it! For more ideas on how to stay cozy for the winter, check out these 75+ heartwarming stew recipes.

Ingredients for Air Fryer Chickpeas

Like many of my air fryer recipes, this one requires very minimal ingredients to achieve a delicious, crunchy result. It only calls for three main ingredients:

  • Chickpeas: We will use one can of chickpeas to create this crispy snack. For best results, pat them dry with a paper towel before air frying.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil is used to coat the chickpeas. It helps the seasonings stick, and also helps to make them crispy!
  • Salt: Salt is a great, classic seasoning choice that tastes delicious with chickpeas.
  • Seasoning of Your Choice: Feel free to mix it up by ditching the salt and using your preferred seasoning. See below for Ranch, Dorito, and coconut curry ideas!

The Only Authentic Hummus Recipe You'll Ever Need

Hummus isn't a complicated thing to make at home. But there's a trick that can help take your homemade hummus from a decent attempt to the best hummus you've ever had. It's a very simple insider secret: adding baking soda to the water when boiling chickpeas. That's it, that's the simple hack that will ensure your hummus is incredibly creamy every time. Baking soda helps break down the chickpea skins and ensures the beans are soft and easily break apart when blended with the other ingredients.

This hack works best when using dried chickpeas, because you'll be soaking them overnight and then boiling them, adding baking soda both times and giving it ample time to work its magic. But if you end up using canned chickpeas, you can do a quick-boil in water with some baking soda and achieve similar results. In any case, you'll definitely notice the difference in the final product.

Makes 3 cups